This article discusses come interesting facts about the sport of rallying. Its origin can be traced back to the 1894 Paris-Rouen Horseless Carriage Competition when people who have their own visions of what a "horseless carriage" should look like entered the contest and winners were picked by the judges who rode in each car.

Gradually a period of city to city road races evolved, which had its center in France. This led to the beginning of features associated with rallying competitions today, such as individual start times with races against the clock, time keeping at beginning, starting areas in each town along the route and driving over long distances over rough and unpaved roads.

The Monte Carlo Rally started in 1911 by Prince Albert and takes place in Monaco. It is the first race for the FIA World Rally Championships.

For those wondering how the sponsor money for motorsports, will be cost-effective considering the increasing prices of oil?The fact is that it is through these races, whether it's rallying or formula one racing, that  the car manufacturers test their latest improvements in their respective vehicles. And not only are the car manufacturers who benefit from this but also oil companies and tire makers. So, to win in any motorsport, the car who has the right balance in terms of engine make, tire selection and amount of fuel shall ultimately win the race.

Consumers ultimately, benefit the most. Improvements that were proven to be reliable are then passed to buyers of new automobiles as car manufacturers add these changes to make a better product overall in terms of a vehicle's safety attributes, performance under all conditions and gas consumption.

So the features of your new car, owe a lot to motorsport drivers who risk their lives in motorracing.