No matter if you are a sportsman or not, you must have proper sportsman spirit in you. So you should have the ability to bring out the best ... in your youth sports team, in yourself, and in your team's parents.

But the question now arises is how will you do this? You have to this by setting the example - in the way you play as a player, in the same way you coach,, think that you are the best coach in this world and act this attitude in the coaching, just as the way you think, and the way you behave. You all must have heard about those bad stories of coaches whose bad examples of preferential coaching treatment, pathetic and sad sportsmanship, and negative attitudes affect the youth in a negative way.

But make sure that all this does not happen to you and you CAN be the coach who sets a positive example in these and other areas. Right? Yes, of course!
What's more you can lead by example, you can prove that positive attitude can do wonders by showing other coaches and parents the meaning of a true coach. Even if you are not able to change the style of some one else's coaching, at least you will always be able to know that you conducted yourself in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner. Certainly, if you can not do anything, then you have one way to prove yourself to the whole world. Just make sure that with the help of your positive, never say die attitude, you can be the best possible example for your team's players, parents and "extended family."

If your players see you as a coach whom they can trust – who tends to act in an honorable manner, who treats the team fairly, then naturally they will look up to you for your guidance and will look to you better in the long haul. What's more, they will move on from your team and make sure that they will carry your positive thinking and aspects to their next team and will develop the "best possible behavior" in the team. The same goes for the parents as well as there are a lot of parents who tend to behave poorly as far as the sportsman spirit is concerned. As a result, their behavior becomes rude. On the contrary, if these parents will observe you as a calm coach, then their behavior is most likely to temper.

So you as a coach should stick to your principles, no matter what other have to say about yourself.