If you want to sharpen your combat skills for self-defense purposes, it is a good idea to turn to Martial Arts. Besides, self-defense martial arts use to develop mental discipline, self confidence and character development. There are many types or categories of martial arts. Here are some of the most popular types.

Filipino Martial Arts – Because Philippines was the site of so many battles and combats, it is not surprising that the Filipinos have developed their own style of martial arts. Instructors of this type of martial arts believe that it is necessary to use knowledge and skills when in combat. Traditional Filipino martial arts also uses weapons like the sibat, baston, espada, latigo and lubid.

Chinese Martial Arts – the most famous of all styles are kung fu and wushu. When referring to kung fu, the system of martial arts refers to the accomplishment or skill of the person. On the other hand, wushu is more applicable to martial arts activities in general. In fact, it is considered to be a modern sport, like gymnastics. Chinese martial arts was borne from the need to defend one’s self during ancient China. Soldiers, preparing for war, are trained in martial arts in preparation for hand to hand combat.

Russian Martial Arts – The Russian martial arts was also borne from the necessity for defense. During the ancient times, the Russian military have to protect their lands from invaders. The Russian martial arts is actually a combination of several styles including Japanese and Chinese martial arts. In any case, it resulted to a new style of martial arts, called the Russian Sambo.

Learning martial arts offers an excellent way to protect yourself from situations that require you to stand up and defend your self. However, learning martial arts is just the beginning. Martial arts is also an important discipline that requires you to seek out a way to improve yourself and develop your skills. It is a continuous process and needs to be taken quite seriously.