Roller hockey is also known as inline hockey. It is a sport played on roller or inline skates, with wheels placed in groups of 3 or 4 in a single line. This is a significant sport in the United States of America. Indoor roller teams play on blue plastic tiles, and with a plastic roller puck. Roller hockey can be played with either aluminum sticks, or wooden sticks, that are covered with fiberglass. In the United States, Canada, and various other American countries, roller hockey is a very popular sport.

Roller hockey is played with either a puck, or a ball. A puck is usually made of hard, vulcanized rubber. The goal nets that are used here are essentially just steel frames with nylon nets, and they can be dismantled for storage. Goal nets are quite similar to those used in ice hockey. The gear used by roller hockey players includes, loose-fitting sport shirts, pants, and socks. Players also use helmets with jaw guards, kneepads, and elbow pads for safety purposes. Apart from these, they also wear hockey gloves, or wrist guards, shoulder pads, and padded pants with shin guards. Goalies or goal keepers generally need more protection, and thus their gear are made with utmost care in order to protect her or his chest, back, and throat. They are normally suggested to wear extra-padded leg pads, and mask cages.

The rules involved in roller hockey, as far as the United States is concerned include, rink must be 200 by 100 feet in size, and the minimum size is 165 by 65 feet. It can be of wood, cement, asphalt, or plastic. Its design is quite similar to that of ice hockey. Two goals are centered 12 feet from the far ends of each court. There are four face-off circles, each 12 feet in diameter, and one red centerline having 12 inches wide. Goals are 4 feet in height and 6 feet in width.