Bandy is a one team sport. In this sport, a stick is used to hit a ball. Like, Shinty, Hurling, Field Hockey and Floorball, here also the main objective is to get the ball into a goal. But, Bandy is played on ice with the players skating, amd many of its rules are very similar to those of Soccer. This is why, it is also called as "the winter soccer".

The evidence of games similar to Bandy can be found in history that have been played for thousands of years. The earliest known record is found on the 4000-year old Egyptian drawing from a tomb at Beni Hasan in the valley of the Nile close to Minia in Egypt. Some other similar ancient sports include the South central Asian "Polo", the Japanese "Kachi"/"Dakyu" and the Aztec "Cheuca", where bones from deer were used to hit wooden balls.

A Bandy-like sport was also played in ancient Greece around the time of the battle at Marathon. Historians believe that the Romans imported this game and that it later became their "Paganica", that was played with curved stick and a leather ball filled with feathers. And Roman Empire believed to have expanded the game across Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Bandy is said to be the English relative of Hurling and Shinty, which has its oldest record in a 13th century painted glass window in the Canterbury cathedral. In that picture, a boy is holding a curved stick in one hand and a ball in the other. The Welsh also believed to play Bandy, or Bando. The word was derived from the Teutonic word "bandja", which means a "curved stick". A couple of historic Bando sticks can also be found in the Welsh folk Museum, which show similarity to modern Bandy sticks as do these early Camans (Shinty sticks). Hurling, Shinty and Bandy have been played on both grass and ice.

The modern form of Bandy evolved in the 18th century and it has its origin in the Fen district (Camebridgeshire and Lincolnshire). According to records dating back to 1813 reveal that the village of Bury-on-Fen in England had a bandy team that went unbeaten for a hundred years. The National Bandy Association was formed in 1891. The sport was introduced in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany in the early 1890s.