Most of us don't know what Billiards Leagues are. These are billiards related organizations, which are made to support some specific groups present within the billiards industry. Although, maximum Billiard Leagues are player-oriented, but there are some supporting specific vendors and manufacturer organizations. The activities held within each league contributes to the overall popularity of the game, not only in the US, but throughout the world.

Billiards Leagues organize events where amateurs get a chance to play and win huge prize funds. No specific guidelines have been set, so anyone can form a league. If you own a pool table vending company, or a billiard club owner or have a group of players who want to construct business by providing league services, the platform is open to all.

The leagues are established with the aim to enhance the success of members and to promote the game of billiards worldwide. Most of the leagues have programs for players of all age groups. One can consider Billiards leagues as a starting point of his career in the game. These leagues act as strong foundations, and prepare player well before he participates in local, regional and national tournaments. One can start the schedule of a billiards league at any time of the year and for any duration. Summer leagues that run from June to August for 8-12 weeks, and Winter leagues running from September to March, are the two most common leagues. There are some leagues, which are active throughout the year in three-four sessions of 10-14 weeks each.

Some of the popular Billiards leagues in the U.S are:
  • Billiard Congress of America
  • Panther Pool League
  • Lone star Pool League
  • American Pool players Association
  • Valley National 8-Ball League Association
  • United States Billiard Association