There is no need to play a strictly rule regulated game of basketball on an indoor wooden court. Many variations on the game bring it to a whole new level.

What makes basketball a popular sport is its variety. There are so many ways to play the game that people all over the world get attracted to learn it. It doesn't matter how old the players are, or what are their limitations, the game will still be interesting.

Wheelchair Basketball

As the name suggests, the game is played in wheelchair. The chairs for the game are specifically designed to move quickly and smoothly down the court. These are made so that the players can be agile, similar to the players in traditional basketball.

It is a serious sport that is regulated by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF).

Water Basketball

The game is played in water and can be called as a recreational or a team regulated sport. The rules for water basketball are little different, as these combine the rules for traditional basketball and water polo. Ofcourse, there is no dribbling involved in the game.

Beach Basketball

It is played on the beach and is somehow different from other types of basketball. This game is more of a physical game then basketball.

Beach basketball is played on a circular court that has no backboard on the hoop. Dribbling is difficult because of the sand, so the ball is moved down the court in place of by passing or two and half steps. No out of bounds is considered in the game of beach basketball.

Informal Basketball

It is not the actual name for a basketball, but is used to describe the type of basketball usually played by most of us. The game is played just for fun. You can make rules of your choice in the informal play.