No matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, the fact is that it is very important to use baseball hitting drills on a daily basis. Even the professional players who play at a professional level, get indulged in  baseball hitting drills as it helps them to keep their skills sharp and look for improvement every single time.
  • Hitting baseball, or softball for that matter, requires a lot of effort and therefor is termed as a very difficult task to go for. Even a quarter of an inch difference in your swing can prove very heavy for your play as it can result in a weak pop up or ground out back to the mound. The fact is that there are a lot of  baseball hitting drills that can help you refine your swing in a better way. Let me discuss a few of them.
  • Hitting off a tee: Not just for tee ball players, even some one belongs to a professional league, then he will also tend to hit off a tee almost daily. It is done in order to practice hand eye coordination and tweaking a swing to get the head of the bat through the hitting zone quickly.
  • Short Toss: Practicing hitting off a pitcher from very short distance is helpful as far as the reaction time is concerned. The whole exercise also helps the user with taking out the waste as far as the swing is concerned. If you dance around in the batters box in short toss, then the ball will tend to remain with you only. This also plays a very important role in the better improvement of your hip and foot placement
Shorter Bat: Probably a little known baseball hitting drill is to make use of a bat that is comparatively short than what you use in a game for practice. How will you get benefits out of it? This process will teach the player in a better way as to how to get your arms extended through the swing zone and better hand/eye coordination
Learning some basic baseball hitting drills, and following the practice on a regular level, can very well help the player in a more advanced way.