Bankshot basketball is a new game that has skill and challenge and is often referred as a mini golf, but with a basketball. The game can be played by player of all ages and abilities, including the disabled participants. These players play through a course of angled, curved and non-conventional configured bright colored backboards. They bank shots off the bankboards and through the rims.

The game was invented by Dr. Reeve Brenner as the first total mix of non exclusionary sport that able bodied and wheelchair athletes can play together, with neither at a disadvantage. If someone is using a wheelchair and wants to play the traditional basketball or any other sport that requires running against a non disabled person, then the able bodied person should get in a wheelchair for equalizing the advantages. The dilemma of disability is eliminated in bankshot basketball as the game requires intelligence and shooting touch instead of size, quickness and strength skill.

The bankshot sports is non aggressive and inclusionary as participants play alongside, and not against each other.

Bankshot Basketball court

The bankshot basketball court consists of different number of stations, which depend upon the size of each court with a uniquely shaped bankboard. Different bankshot is required to score in the game. There are some shots in the game that demand carroms off two backboards, while some are ricochets and some diabolically maddening shots have three bankboard along with two rims.

A scorecard is used by players to track their score as increasingly difficult shots are shoot at different stations.