Baseball is a team sport where a player from one team throws a ball past a player of the other team, who hits the baseball with a bat. A team scores only while batting, by moving across a series of four markers known as bases arranged at the circles.

How is a bat made?

Bats are mostly made of wood, especially ash wood. Maple, bamboo and hickory are other woods used in making the bat.

Only wooden bats are allowed in the professional baseball game. These bats are not permitted to be corked, so the bats are filled with a light substance like cork to reduce the weight without greatly hitting the ball. Both wood and metal alloy bats are allowed in little league games. This is another rule and regulation of the game.

It does not matter what material a bat is made of, till the time a hitter knows how to hit the ball. Here are some effective baseball hitting tips:

Advice for younger hitters

The best advice a youth baseball coach can give is to hit the ball up in the middle. If you think about hitting up the middle, you will be able to hit the ball wherever it is pitched. In the game of baseball, you should have a balance in everything, especially hitting. Player should keep his head still while moving the body. To achieve this, one should have a good balance.

Concentration and Positive thinking

It is important to concentrate on the game and think positively. One must walk up to the game ground with the positive feeling that “I'm going to hit the ball”. Look at the pitcher's hand with your eyes glued on the ball and be aggressive at the plate. At the same time, you should also remain loose and relaxed.

Batting Practice

There should be a purpose to each swing during the batting practice. During the first round of batting practice, you should concentrate on hitting every pitch to the other end of the field. In another round, try to be sure that you are swinging down on the ball. You must prepare yourself for any game situation or the practice will be of no use. If you feel that you are in slump, then concentrate on the defense.

Improving mental outlook

Young baseball players and coaches must look forward to improve the mentality of the entire team by giving positive remarks. Negative comments will lower down the morale of the team. Hitting a baseball is a difficult skill, and players must do it with a confidence.