Many hitters often get confused by getting advice on what to do and not to do mechanically by different people. Well, this is not the time to work on mechanics. Its already a hard time for hitters to adjust themselves to what the pitcher is throwing or what every coach is telling them.

Most of the times, players hear variety of instructions: “swing down”, “keep head down”, “stay tall”, “stay back” and more. These only adds confusion to the play and destroy the confidence level. You should speak out words like “look for something you can hit hard”, when the player is on the field. The simplest encouraging comment is “Let's go! Make contact and put the ball in play”.

There are a lot of young hitters with good natural swing and have the ability to make on the fly adjustments to the pitcher's throw. But sometimes coaches or even parents come and take it away from them with a bad hitting instruction or a good one but at a wrong time. The problem with the good instructions is that hitter hears a contradictory message approaching in the other ear. So, the head swims but the confidence in what they can actually do takes a nose dive.

A hitter can work on his hitting and swing at practice session or in the cage. Those who think that one practice every week is good should know that the hitters in the world do the batting practice and work on their techniques everyday. Hitting is a life long pursuit and must be constantly worked on with lots of repetition.

Do we ever tell the reason behind the things or instructions we give to the hitter? If you are giving a piece of advice to the hitter, tell him why it is the best thing to do. You should demonstrate and explain the technique properly.