Potential, technique, work ethic and mental approach are four things that can make a great baseball or softball hitter. Lets discuss each technique and its importance in being a great hitter.


This is one area on which the coach has no control over. If a hitter does not have potential to hit, no instructor can make him/her learn the technique to perfect hit. The only thing an instructor can do is to make the hitter to hit as per his potential.

Potential comes in varying degrees. Some players are great batting practice hitters, but when they enter the batters box, they don't hit like they do in the cage or a the practice sessions. It is frustrating but true that some players don't have natural potential to perform between the lines at a high school level, or the level they expected to reach.


A good technique with a good potential will definitely do good for a hitter. You may find some players with amazing potential and natural ability using horrible technique and still doing well. Players with below average or average potential can expect to be much better and have ability to improve their personal potential with good technique. The technique used by best Major league and collegiate hitters is surely going to improve your potential. Some call it rotational hitting while other call it a hybrid swing, but no name has been assigned to the technique.

Work Ethic

Work ethic is a desire, without which no player can sustain on the field. A hitter should have the desire to be great and must work hard to reach the potential. There are many players with lot of potential, who have learned the best techniques and are still not able to perform good. This is because of the lack of work ethics.

Mental Approach

A player can always be good but not great without a solid mental approach. How a player thinks in the batter's box or before getting there is what makes him a great hitter. Prepare yourself mentally for the game, and have that confidence & focus. You should always have a plan and use the acquired information to play.