A great baseball pitching is much required to counteract the great baseball hitting. There has always been a different in perspective of professional baseball trainers about baseball pitching mechanics. Whether one should stand tall and stay back on the mound is a topic of discussion.

Pitching coaches mostly contrast standing standing tall against the pitchers, whom they call as “drop-and-dive”. Robin Roberts, Tom Seaver and Sandy Koufax are some of the drop and dive pitchers being represented in the Hall of Fame. But, baseball pitching coaches say that few Hall of Fame pitchers with unusual capabilities do not make a rule.

According to a Pitching coach, “Tom Seaver was a powerful 5'11'', 215 pound guy, who was able to get his arm through. Just by standing tall and not dropping and driving, your arm is allowed to get out of the glove and get the fingers on top of the baseball”.

There are some baseball coaches saying that the stride leg of a power pitcher starts lowering, and the lower body goes fast, thus the pitcher lands on a flexed leg. Drop-and-dive is something that you would prefer not to teach. Now days, nobody pitches that way because you don't use your body to drop-and-dive.

The attitude of standing tall is not universally held by a professional baseball trainer. Those who are against power pitchers used Nolan Ryan as an example. They say that Ryan never threw a perfect game, even when he is regarded as a strikeout king. He is greatly regarded as one of the best power pitchers of baseball. Ryan had a personal trainer who always emphasized on cross-training and working out pitchers on flat ground. He has spent a lot of time in throwing footballs from a flat footed position. This has even helped him in gaining leg strength.

All baseball coaches want their pitchers to create great pitching by improving their mobility and rotational velocity of hips and thoracic spine. This increases their kinetic energy and ground reaction forces, thus improving the co-ordination between arms, hips, ball and torso. So, standing tall and staying back facilitate this the best and individuals or may be many coaches are still mistaken.