Kung fu is one of the most popular forms of Chinese martial arts. The Chinese literature defines kung fu as the 'achievement through investment in time and energy and through great efforts'. According to kung fu practitioners, it is not only just the art of self-defense, but also a philosophy of life. Since it helps them keep the body as well as the mind in shape. The specialty of this art form is that it combines mind, body and spirit together, thereby making people  stronger mentally and physically as well!

The origin of kung fu goes back to the ancient China and is as old as the Chinese culture. According to history, it was originated 1,500 years ago. Kung fu is a method that brings physical fitness as well as confidence in battle, in modern context fighting. Apart, it also brings mental peace and clarity in our thought processes and helps in spiritual awakening.

Kung fu is inspired by nature and thus takes the ideas about fighting techniques from the immediate surroundings. There are several styles of kung fu, which are adopted from the habits of animals, birds, and even insects. Kung fu can be classified into external and internal systems. External styles emphasize on muscle force, and on the other hand internal systems emphasize that muscles should be kept relaxed as much as possible. It focus on meditation and the use of 'chi', or 'vital energy'.

Further, kung fu can also be divided into long hand and short hand. Long hand  is where the strike extends the full length of the arm, while and short hand is where there is little movement with each strike. Mostly, beginners do best starting with long hand techniques while learning the fundamentals, and then go to shorten the strikes as they develop in skill.