Curling, is an Olympic medal sport, but still I feel that not many are aware about this sport. Don't know who to blame for this, but it is true that this famous sport is still under some darkness and not much people know about it, To simply put all the facts together, it is believed that  it is a sport that is played on ice where players slide granite rocks down the playing field. And later when the  rocks travel, they have will often curve, or ‘curl,’ during play. So from here the sport got its name:Curling!

This is an immensely crazy sport that was first invented in the frozen ponds and lakes of Northern Europe. So naturally the localities are quiet aware of this sport and they have an in depth knowledge about its rules and regulations in details. When I went to Europe, I made sure that I get all the information from them on this sport. And I did exactly the same.

They also told me that during a Curling competition, two teams that are geared up with four players slide hefty granite rocks across a 130' x 15' sheet of ice. These heavy rocks roll down the ice toward the center. And the amazing thing is that the center is just similar to an archery format. The designated areas are painted just below the surface of the ice at both ends. Why it is done? The main purpose for this kind of arrangement is that it allows the rocks to be played back and forth easily, when a competition is going on!

But who decides as to who is the winner? The fact is that every curling competition is equipped of sixteen rocks being thrown and, following the conclusion, a score is tallied. And how are the points scored? Yes, this is an interesting question. When the rocks are rolled, the judge notices as to which rock is rolled closest to the center and the team that manages to do so wins a point each. Just like what happens in the game of baseball, where only one team can score during any given play. Isn't the game interesting? Try it!