Snowshoeing is a winter sport that is also termed as a fun filled recreational activity by a lot of people. The fact is that the sport has manged to maintain its immense popularity since its inception. May be it is all about the fact that the game is one of the most popular and easiest ways  to get around in snowbound areas during the winter. And at the same time, one gets plenty of time to spend with the loved ones. Isn't it?

So no matter, what kind of winter sport you are playing, jut make sure that  you choose the right snowshoes for your lifestyle and activity. Here, I would like to give you a quick guide regarding the issue. As such there are three main types of snowshoes are:

Running & Aerobic Style
These shoes, as the name suggests are meant for the purpose of simple sports and exercise that involve running or some aerobics! That is why they are built with lighter weight materials than normal snowshoes in order to allow faster movement to the athlete! At the same time, these shoes are arrayed with an extra cleat or cleats for additional traction.

Mountaineer Style
Now let us talk something about mountaineer style snowshoes.  As they are meant for mountaineering that involves much physical effort and stress as compared to just a simple run, that is why they are built much tougher and heavier than the former one.
But not that heavy. That you can not even walk. No! They have just the right weight that is required for any tough task like mountaineering! They typically include larger crampons to achieve this added traction. They allow the user to perform in any kind of weather situations and various types of terrain.

Hiking Style
This type of snowshoe are perhaps the most popular of them all. So no matter whether you are going for hiking, backpacking, or what so ever, these are just perfect and light to moderate terrains.

Recreation style
Recreation shoes, as the name says, are meant for the purpose of enjoying in activities that are related with pleasure and recreation. These shoes are made to be comfortable, with ease of use and value as a big selling point. Whatever size or style of snowshoe you choose, make sure that they are decked with ample amount of comfort! Have fun on the trails!