Skiing is one of my favorite winter sport. A brief history is attached with this sport. Don't worry, in this segment I am not going to write a boring article, the history is rather extremely interesting. Here goes the story. The fact is that the sport was preceded by snowshoeing, as it is believed by a lot of people.

When Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian, who is now called as the "father of modern day skiing", came out with the skill of ski binding, skiers were able to turn while moving downhill - "Slalom" (that is also referred to as Telmark skiing) was invented on this planet!

But now with the advancement of time, the game has seen a lot of improvements. New tools are implemented in the sport, new equipments have made their way and thousands of completions are held every year. Such is the popularity of this sport.
Earlier, it is believed that skiers used the new movements and skills, just as form of mere practice that involved moving from one location to another through the snow. It was not that exciting and was not regarded as a true sport. But now things have changed! With the advancement of the creation of more effective binding, that has given more freedom of movement on the skis. Now skiing is not only seen as a professional sport. But at the same time began to morph into one of fun, challenge and finally sport.

Talking about history and the circumstances some 70 years back (I was not born at that time, but I have read a lot of books) very few people had ever heard of Alpine skiing (also known as downhill skiing or any other kind of skiing). And above all, the sport was only practiced in the European Alps, that means it was not a globally accepted sport at all, forget about its popularity. But now every adventure lover knows about it.

To make this sport popular and to spread the awareness on it, a lot of hotels in that era used to hold small sprinkling of cold-weather adventurers for the tourists and visitors who came to the Alps to test their newly acquired skills on the snow. That made the sport quiet popular!