Winters are coming, why not go for a perfect winter sport? One of my personal favorites is Biathlon! It is basically a term that is used to describe any sporting event made up of two disciplines. I mean usually a sport that refers to "the joining of two contests." The most common combination is the one that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. And as far as the summer biathlon is concerned, it combines cross-country running with riflery. But here in this article, we are more concerned about winter sports.

Just imagine, you are indulged in cross-country skiing for almost 5 kilometers, your heart beat is going high, your nerve is raising, your body is shaking with the feel of immense adventure and your fingers are chilled from the cold weather, shooting five targets at 50 meters with exactly five shots. Imagine the thrill involved in all this! Don't you think that the whole experience is just amazing?

What next? Now you pack up your rifle and ski for another 5 kilometers to acieve your next level of targets! And the game goes on like this! This process repeats over three or four additional segments of skiing and shooting. Basically it all depends on the rules and regulations that are kept in a aprticular game of Biathlon. Full of pace, excitement, activity and adventure. What else can you ask for in this chilling winter? Biathlon is just a synonym for incitement and immense enthusiasm...

A perfect combination of race and competition is what makes this game of Biathlon exciting. The popularity seems to be growing at very high speed and it has been proved with the fact that Biathlon been an Olympic sport since 1960, and is regularly one of the most watched events all over the world.

Apart from all these, those events that include a combination of running and bicycling, running and swimming, or sometimes a combination of skiing and running are also biathlons. But these are not officially accepted cobinations of this sport. The official Olympic biathlon combines skiing and shooting. So experience this excitement today!