Whether you have gained weight post pregnancy, or you are having a hard time fitting into your clothes after settling into a sedentary job, you want to get in shape. You have decided to get healthy and are looking to hire a professional to help you. Thus begins your search for a certified personal fitness trainer.

Trainers can be CFT's/certified fitness trainers or certified personal trainers, but they both fall under the category of fitness pros. The unfortunate thing about the personal training industry is that anyone can claim to be a trainer. There is no central licensing, or regulatory agency governing the industry, and the situation is made worse by the fact that there are no strict guidelines. Besides, there are currently over 100 if not more certifications existing.

The first thing which you should inquire about when looking for the right is where the personal trainer you are considering is certified from. ACE, ISSA, NASM are three top certifications. Besides finding out out if he/she has a degree from a college, or university in a fitness related field, you should attempt to find a trainer who has the specialty you are looking for. If you want to lose weight post pregnancy, for example look for someone who has a post natal specialty, not a body building specialty.

The next step is to decide where you want to work out. You can exercise at the gym, at home, or the office, but keep in mind that most trainers charge more, for private in-home training. The good news is if you are training at home, most trainers will bring all the equipment they need to give you a great work out.

If you have narrowed down the field based on where the trainer is certified from, education, how much experience they have and where you want to work out, the next step is to contact the trainer, and arrange for a session. Now most trainers will give you a complimentary workout, so you should talk to them if they are unwilling to, but do remember that their time is valuable.

The most important thing about a workout, is that it should be challenging. You want someone that you are comfortable with, and who knows your limits. While on the trainer's website, look for some social proof, or testimonials from other people, and then casually mention it to the trainer. For example, you could say "do you think I can get the same result's as XYZ?”

Finally, compare the trainer you are inclined towards, with a few other reputed trainers in the area.It is always a good idea to go for someone who has been personally recommended to you. Remember that this is a person you are going to be seeing thrice a week for a period of two to six months, so don't rush into a decision. Also do not let any trainer talk you into buying a huge package that you might regret later. Just relax and trust your instincts.