Martial arts offer a great method of self defense. Learning martial arts helps a person focus his/her mental energy and channel it in order to defend himself/herself. Intense practice is very important to master any martial art. But in order to properly learn it, a person must get clothes appropriate for that particular style.

Different martial arts require different kinds of clothing. For judo, karate, and taekwondo, you need special jackets, trousers, and belts. These vary slightly among these three styles though. In case of judo, the jacket needs to be very durable and made of tough cotton fabric. This is because in judo, the jacket is often pulled to throw an enemy off-balance. The trousers need to end above the ankles, so that movement of the feet is not obstructed in any way. The belt needs to be made of thick cotton and double stitched to ensure durability. The color of the belt should reflect the student’s skill level.

In karate, the jacket needs to be durable, but can be brushed smooth to ensure greater comfort. The jacket must be made of pure cotton, so that it can absorb sweat better. The trouser should be made of strong cotton,so that it is not so tear-prone. Drawstring trousers are preferred, since the wearer can easily adjust them to the size of his/her abdomen. Wearing trousers with elastic bands at the waistline is not recommended, since it exerts greater pressure on the waist and may snap if the pressure is too great. Ideally, the belt must be of of thick cotton and the color should indicate  student’s skill level.

In taekwondo, the focus is on speedy, spinning kicks. Hence, care should be taken when purchasing trousers. The trousers should be very strong and double stitched to ensure durability. The jacket should be made of cotton and its thickness should offer optimum durability and comfort. The belt needs to be made of dual-layer cotton with reinforced stitching. Here also, the belt color should reflect the skill level of the student.

Irrespective of the martial arts you learn, you should purchase clothing which ensures free movement . Clothing meant for martial arts serves to protect the vital organs and should not in any way pose as an obstruction to the mobility to the wearer. Remember proper clothes are essential if you are going to  practise any martial art for hours.