A swing bowler is an important asset in a cricket team, because his throw will baffle a batsman, add pressure and help in taking quick wickets. Swing bowlers have the ability to move the ball either towards or away from the batsman. Swing in the ball is created by holding it in a specific way, so that when the ball is released from hand the levels of air resistance combine with the position in which the seam is directed. This makes the ball swing in the air.

You can increase the swing by polishing and shining one side of the ball, which makes it more smooth in comparison to other side. Bowler select a side to shine before he gets into action, tell all the fielders about the polished side. The polishing is done by rubbing sweat into the ball and then rubbing the ball on trousers. There are three types of swing deliveries: in swing, out swing and reverse swing.

Out swing delivery is considered when the ball is bowled by a right hand bowler to a right hand batsman, so that it swings from leg side to the off side. This ball is thrown to encourage the batsman to play a drive, as the swing will increase, the chances of getting an edge and getting the batsman caught behind increases. The ball should be pitched quite full aiming at outside off stump, so that batsman decides to play at the ball.

In swing delivery is the reverse of the out swing, where right handed bowler swings the ball towards the right handed batsman from off side to the leg side. There are more chances of LBW in this type of bowling.

If a baller finds that he is swinging the ball uncontrollably, it is suggested to hold the ball across the seam. As the seam will run horizontally, it will help in negating and reducing the amount of swing. Before throwing a swing, be sure that bowlers and fielders are aware of the side of ball that is polished.

Changing weather conditions also affect the swing of the cricket ball. Such bowling is not favorable to the game during hot sunny days, but cloudy conditions are most ideal for swing bowling. A captain must consider these climatic factors before deciding who to bowl.