Are you a badminton enthusiast who isn't aware of the basic rules of the game? Then, this article would definitely help you to great extent in understanding the principle rules of badminton game. These instructions become more simple and clear when laid in a concise manner. Many beginners who were initially interested in the game abandoned it  due to the lack of easy direction. Following are the basic step by step instruction for playing badminton.

Badminton game mainly involves three basic phase:  serving, offense and defense. It can be played either for single or doubles. In a game of singles, you have to play against another opponent, whereas in case of double you and your partner play against two other competitors.

Before you start your game decide who will get the starting serve. To make the decision simple you can flip a coin or try some other random selection process. The team that has won the starting serve will hit the  shuttlecock or "bird" across the net towards its opponent.

Generally, serve is done from underhand and served from the right side of the court. Therefore, position yourself accordingly. Make sure to serve back to your opponent diagonally and across the net. The game continues like this, until a player is unable to serve and a point is rewarded to the serving team.

In case, the shuttle falls on the serving team the opponent team wins a point. Try and do all the possible things to return the shuttle everytime. The other way to score point is to shuttle out of bound to the  non-serving team. If the opponent team is unable to hit back the serving team gains a point. Then, the shuttle is returned back to the opposing team.

Usually, the badminton game is played for 15 points. The team that first reaches the goal i declared a winner. Although, in the International Badminton Federation the game is plated for 21 points. Hope these points will help in better understanding of badminton game.