Korfball is a team game, almost similar to mixed netball. Being played in more than 50 countries, Korfball sport is very popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. A team comprises of four men and four women.

It may be played indoors or outdoors on a court divided into halves called zones. Each zone has a post (3.5m, shorter for the young) with a basket at the top. This is positioned two thirds of the distance between the center line and the back of the zone. Korfball is similar to soccer but with more grip and bounce. Players throw the ball in the other team's basket and thus they score. After earning two goals, zones are changed: defenders are now attackers and attackers become defenders.

Men and women play in the same team. But duels are man to man and woman to woman. A man guards a man and a woman guards a woman. A woman never defends a man nor does a man defend a woman.

Each team uses tactics to score. The rules do not let physical strength dominate the game. Blocking, tackling and holding are prohibited. So are kicking or punching the ball. A player can not attempt to score when defended.
Nico Broekhuysen, was a Dutch school teacher. He learned a game called ring boll in Sweden in 1902. Points are scored in ringboll by throwing the ball through a ring attached to a 3m post. Broekhuysen replaced the ring with a basket (for which the Dutch is "korf" or "mand") and simplified the rules. They included men and women play in the same team.