Bocce is one of the best pastime game that every one can play and enjoy together. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a weekend enthusiast, or a seasoned tournament player, bocce games opens various exciting opportunities to revel.

For Beginners

Are you just getting acquainted with the game? Well if the answer is Yes! Then, there are few things that you need to buy certain basic equipment, such as bocce balls, a pallina, and an optional measuring device before you start learning the game.

Usually, a set of bocce balls are a pack of eight balls which consists of four of one color and four of another. The material used in bocce balls can be brass, compressed wood, or various other kinds of hard plastic. To help players identify their ball each ball has distinctive color or stripe pattern.
The small ball or the “pallina” is the first ball thrown in this game. The ball also help in determining the score each team should be awarded with.

In case of serious players or tournament matches a measuring device is also kept to calculate the exact distance between the pallina and boccia. Though, it isn't required if you're playing the game for pleasure or enjoyment. Although, it's advisable to keep a measuring device close by to settle measurement dispute.

Different Kinds of Bocce

Bocce balls are mainly identified by their size, price. Keep in mind that different bocce ball are suitable for play by different age groups. As the game can played by both young and old. Make sure to buy the ball that are light weight or you might find it difficult to throw them. For children below the age group of 3 to 7 years old bocce balls that are 80 mm are ideal. For older children a 90 mm or 100 mm bocce balls more comfortable.

Bocce ball within the the range of 100 mm & 107 mm re considered to be a good choice. They are ideal to play on a mixed terrain, like backyard grass or beach sand. Therefore, a perfect for family get together and other family outings. For tournaments and other professional games bocce balls of 107 mm or 110 mm sizes is preferable. The best part about bocce balls is that you don't have to spend too much money on buying these balls. So, all you need to enjoy a game of bocce is a group of friends and a set of bocce balls.