World is no longer safe for women! Today, every woman needs to be careful about their safety every time where they go and roam. While, home is supposed to be the safest place on earth, but surprisingly even home is not safe for women. This is why, they are needed to be trained on self defense. Having trained in self defense, they could be able to defend themselves from kidnappers, snatcher etc. Here are few more reasons as to why women are required to learn self defense:

  • Women should learn self defense because, because every woman has a fear of attack when she goes out of home. Also parents do have that fear for their daughters. This fear somehow constrains the women's sense of freedom, thereby causing undue stress and generalized anxiety.
  • This is no more a good idea to rely on the good guys to protect you from the bad guys. Because, you can't be dependant on anyone, and most importantly can't trust others other than yourself. Moreover, women are typically alone when they are being assaulted.
  • Women should learn self defense because violence is everywhere now-a-days. Studies say that a violent crime occurs every 21 seconds, and in every 15 seconds a woman is battered.
  • When a crime had happened, our best efforts at combating violence, such as law enforcement, stiffer punishments, and all our coveted beliefs that love conquers all seem meaningless. You only become helpless when you are faced with an aggressor who sticks you with a knife.
  • Today, criminals and predators are a step ahead. They are very experienced and go with a plan. This is why you need to be prepared for every step you are making outside your home.
Besides outsiders, it has been seen that women are being assaulted inside their home in domestic violence. Every time we hear news of women being beaten their in-laws and husbands. Most of them are bearing the pain for no reason. Thus, self defense proves to be best idea that women can take up and could prepare for the worst in order to protect themselves from any situation that may arise.