We all know as to how popular this game called football is! Don't we. But only some of us get a chance to play it or watch it live in a stadium. Otherwise we have to satisfy ourselves with the live telecast of it on our TV sets only.
Now if we have a look at the Internet world, we will see that Online football is a hugely popular Internet phenomenon.  It is getting famous day by day. Unlike the actual game of football, you don't have to virtually get in the field but just make use of your hands and play it with the fingers using keyboard and mouse. And trust me, the excitement is similar to that of an offline game, that is played on stadium!
As I mentioned above, it has all the thrills and spirit of the actual game of football. Okay, what all you need to play an online football game? Just a PC and a net connection, of course!!!

You then need to download a game software application for playing football on the Internet. The fact is that a lot of sites offer a platform for playing the game. But I would recommend that rather than playing online games, you should also go for downloading a game so that you can play it n number of times without switching on the Internet connection again and again...

Also, most of the popular football game software packages available on computer shops provide facility of playing on the Internet also. Obviously in order to play the game in the best possible way, you need to learn the specific keyboard and mouse controls of the game software. First you need to master the controls and then you should go for the professional level play. The fact is that to play specific shots, there are those especially designed keys for various actions on the football field such as passing, throwing, tackling, and shooting.
Once you practice all these shots with perfection and once you get familiar with all the keys, or rather your fingers become familiar with the keys, you can move into the multi-player domain on the Internet. In the online, what you can do is, you can either select the already existing players or customize it with your own team as well.

You can search various search engines by typing in the right keyword so that you can play pr download free online games. Or if you want a paid version, then you can buy games as well.