If you want to get indulged in a general workout, then being a body builder myself, I would like to give you certain tips on the issue. I would like to tell you this fact that a   group of muscles that often gets neglected in stomach exercise routines are the transverse abdominals. And here in this article, I would like to recommend that you should go for working the transverse abdominals to make the best out of your work out routines.
These are those core muscles that lie below the rectus abdominus. The fact is that if you will go for those regular abdominal exercises, then they mostly target the rectus abdominus and the vertical abdominals. But the main purpose of these kind of exercise is not just limited to this aspect. A lot of regular exercises ignore the transverse abdominals.
Even crunches, the staple of most abdominal workouts, does not have much of a connection with the work out of the transverse abdominals. These muscles are actually the most important to target, and that is why it is important to keep them in proper shape. The fact is that these muscles connect to both the lower back muscles and the rectus abdominus and for a girdle for the entire abdomen, that is why they are extremely important! Any work out that has an aim of flattening the stomach in the best possible way should include the transverse abdominals as a focus.
Here I would like to give you the names of certain exercises that can really make progress on that flat tummy.
Pelvic Tilts

  • Crunchless Crunch
  • Best Upper Abs Exercise : The Basic Crunch
  • Best Lower Abs Exercise : The Reverse Crunch
  • Best Obliques Exercise : The Oblique Crunch
  • Bonus : The Bicycle Exercise