So you have a die hard passion for airsoft rifles1 Of course, that is why you have come across this page... The fact is that with the advancement in technology Airsoft rifles come in all sizes, although they generally retain a basic shape. Of course, how can be the shape of a rifle be different. Then the definition of a rifle will all together change... There are low-end and high-end airsoft rifles, and even the cheaper varieties, but at the same time even these cheaper form of rifles are geared up with a lot of advantages.

Before you get indulged into any kind of purchasing exercise, it is best to be familiarized with the types so you can make the optimal choice. The fact is that when you will reach the shop, you will feel extremely tempted to buy one for yourself,  but you will thank yourself later if you take your time. Because it is recommended that one should havoc a fine knowledge of the rifles before buying them.
The cheapest kind of airsoft rifle is the LPEG, or low-priced electric gun. If you want to gift them, then they make the coolest gift items as they are extremely affordable. Don't ever get goofed up by the price range, though, as some LPEGs can reach speeds of the highest quality airsoft rifles.

Now let us discuss about the next variety. It is known as the MPEG, or mid-priced electric gun. As the name suggests, they offer a mid-priced range of auto rifles but at the same time they are more pricey than LPEGs. Echo1 and similar brands can be classified as MPEGs.
Coming to the best quality, let me tell you that the best of them all is the automatic electric gun, or AEG. AEGs are strong and fast, and are geared up with a lot of life span The best airsoft participants use AEGs, as they are top quality.
One more variety comes under the category of Gas rifles. Obviously they don't make use of electricity, but instead use green gas or CO2 as the method of propulsion. But the fact is that they don't have a bigger market base as compared to electric guns.
Airsoft rifles that make use of the springs are the cheapest kinds. These can be a perfect equipment for someone who is a beginner or don't want to go for professional level.