Generating more length with the driver tops the list of all golfers. Since each golfer has a different playing style , not every method designed to gain distance is guaranteed to work. What may work for one player, may actually hamper another player's performance. One has to try new techniques, all the while hoping that a poor habit hasn't formed from the earlier one.

Apparently, practicing is the best step to maximize your driving distance. You need to find a training method suitable for your style of play. This is only possible through trial and error. While some people tend to fault the driver itself for their inability to gain distance, the most common culprit is usually the golfer. Only after an expensive driver is bought does reality set in. Small changes in the way you play will make more of an impact than a custom-made driver, which might be beyond the budget of the week end golfer anyways.

An easy warm up before you begin a round is clearly one of the best things you can do to boost your driving distance. Some easy calisthenics along with stretching will prepare your body and mind for the game ahead. It is highly recommended, that you head to the driving range to hit some balls, before beginning with the round. The driving range is an excellent place to get the kinks worked out of your swing. It'll warm up your swinging muscles properly and you'll feel a more confident and settled when you step on the starting tee. By getting the initial nervousness out of your system, you're more likely to hit the ball more squarely.

Warming up the right way and using the driving range before playing is one of the most effective things you can do to better your game. Getting into an effective swing rhythm will help you clear your head. One needs to remember that golf is a game of feel and a short trip to the driving range before your round begins, enables you to get a feel for your game. Many advanced golfers have been seen spending considerable time at the driving range, finding their groove.

The key to obtaining more length lies in combining casual exercises along with casual stretching and spending quality time at the driving range. Another useful piece of advice, do not just hit your driver while at the range, but try to hit other clubs as well. This will improve your overall game.