If you are an auto racing buff, there is some good news for you. You can now make money online through your passion for auto racing. You can do this by stepping into the realm of niche marketing, for the auto racing niche market.

Niche marketing involves focusing on a niche market, building a permission-based email list, and recommending products to buyers in your niche market. If you have ever purchased a racing related product on the Internet, you are already in this niche market, albeit as a buyer.

In all probability, the person or business that sold that product to you has a mailing list of thousands of other auto racing fanatics, just like you who are their on a regular customers for auto-related products.

If you think conversations in niche marketing would revolve around the product you are selling, you are mistaken. If you own a niche website about auto-racing, you get to communicate with your mailing list about anything that has to do with auto racing.

Thus you can talk about auto racing beyond your circle of friends. You will find many auto racing enthusiasts on your mailing list, which serves as a way to share your passion with many more.

In niche marketing, most of your communication is automated via a mass email system known as an auto-responsponder that automatically sends out a sequence of emails to people who subscribe to your mailing list. As your list expands, you can potentially earn thousands of dollars with the click of a button, simply by sending out an email broadcast for a new auro racing affiliate program.

You earn a commission when members of your mailing list purchase the product. Your sales are tracked through a unique affiliate link that you present to your mailing list.

Obviously it takes some time to build a sizable mailing list, but once you do, you can expect considerable profits, profits that will last over your lifetime. With new affiliate products being launched all the time, the opportunities are tremendous.