Boxing is one of the most challenging sports in the world. Fighters need to be mentally prepared and physically strong to endure the entire bout. Knowing all the punching techniques is necessary if one is to box well. There are a variety of ways to throw a punch, such as - jabs, hooks, crosses etc.

Dumbbell training is an excellent way to boost punching power. One needs to hold dumbbells in each hand and practice throwing punches in the air. Dumbbells also help to increase the speed. The beginners and relatively inexperienced boxers can use 5 Lbs dumbbells for practice. Experienced boxers can use dumbbells up to 10 lbs. Hitting heavy bags is another great method to develop more punching power.

A jab is a short but rapid forehand fist punch mainly used from guarding position. It is the most commonly used hand attack. This is a quick punch deployed to maintain your distance from your opponent. To be very effective, you have to use your passive hand or non dominant hand. In other words, if you are right handed, you jab with your left hand. A jab can be a good strategy as you jab your opponent from the defensive position, and go directly back to your defensive position. Remember failing to bring your arm back to defensive position in time, can give your competitor the opportunity to hit you on the side.

Cross punches are also performed by your dominant hand. The punch starts with your hand in defensive position. You then extend your dominant arm and twist your torso and right leg, keeping the whole dominant part of your body in one straight line. Your head should still be blocked by your other hand, while your abdominal section should be kept tight. When executing the punch, most of the power comes from the twisting of the torso and from the hips, as well as the legs.

A hook is a deceptive but very powerful punch that can be performed with either hand and from almost any position. When you execute a hook, you should not stick your elbows up and out. Keep these aligned, and perform the hook using a twisting of the torso/hip and slight movement in the feet/legs. To maintain balance, do not twist your feet too much.

An uppercut is another powerful punch that is,aimed under the opponent’s chin. This type of punch can be thrown with either hand. While it can be delivered anywhere in the jaw area, it has the greatest impact when delivered to the chin and jaw. Please remember that if the angle of your punch is too high, you can miss your target while if the angle of the punch is too low, you might find yourself with wrist injury.

The most brutal punches, however, are roundhouse punches. This is performed at close range for a finishing blow. Many past masters however insist that one needs to master the basic drills, before he/she is ready to spar with agility.