Do you know what Tai Chi means? If the answer is No. then this article would help you understand not only what it stands for but also its various benefits. Tai Chi is mainly a physical exercise which involves slow free flowing movements that primarily focuses the mind, while conditioning the body. The exercise has originated from an ancient Chinese system that help reduce stress and stress-related debilities, and improve stamina, and overall strengths of the body.

Translated as 'Supreme Ultimate Force' is an ancient Chinese system which improves the focus of mind and improves the overall development of the body. To gain full benefits one must practices Tai Chi for at least 20 minutes every day. Because of its numerous benefits even western sciences have started recognizing its various health benefits. Hence, you'll come across numerous Tai Chi classes and program located around all the important cities of United States. If you're interested in any of its program just get in touch with your local senior center, YMCA or YWCA, health club or wellness center. In Tai Chi programs, you need perform a certain set of postures or movements in a slow and graceful manner. You need to perform these activities in a continuous flow without any break or pause. Tai Chi at times is also referred as ‘meditation in motion’.

Tai Chi also prove useful to individuals who are looking for newer ways to improve their general health. The best part about Tai Chi exercises is that they are safe for people of all ages. Older people can specially benefit from these exercises than yoga or other physical exercises. The main reason behind is that these program are low impact and put less stress on your muscles and joints.

Here are some of the main health benefits from Tai Chi programs:

  • Lessen stress and gives a peaceful mind.
  • Improves flexibility and muscle strength
  • Increases energy, stamina and agility in the body
  • Increases the feelings of well-being
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • maintains proper balance and coordination
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Slows down loss of bones in women suffering from menopause