Don't we all watch with amazement when pros seem to effortlessly hit the ball but it flies a mile away?This article tell you how to improve your golf swing and swing like the pros.

The most important aspect of golf is rhythm. Good rhythm is one thing that all good golfers have. How do you define good rhythm?

Rhythm is when you accelerate through the ball. You start from the top and your swing accelerates all the time and through the ball. You are not hitting at the ball, your swing is accelerating it through!

Pure power is not the only factor responsible for poor golf swing. Gripping the club too tight will only to ruin your rhythm and you will find yourself hitting at the ball instead of through it. It is a good idea to spend one day at the range with only this one thought in mind - accelerate through the ball, and keep all muscles loose, so that you swing with optimum speed and power.

If you are wondering how to effectively play all the thick/ thin shots, here's' how to tackle tricky shots.

When you have a target on the golf course, and you need to set your body to swing a golf club towards that target. If this is done incorrectly, your body is not going to be able to produce rhythm, timing or power! In addition, your body is going to feel consciously or unconsciously awkward and you are going to either hook, slice, hit it fat or thin. On a good day you might get it right few times, but on a bad day, you are going to be all over the place most or the time.

Now, we come to discuss the correct way to swing. The cardinal rule is that if your body doesn't see and feel that the aim is correct, you will be slicing or hooking the ball and have increased chances of making errors.

So now go the practice range and concentrate on only one thing: getting the aim correct. Pick a target, go behind the ball and visualize a straight line from your ball to the target. Now go and address the ball but try to see that same line. You will find that from behind the ball it's very easy to visualize a straight line to the target, but from the address position, you'll have difficulty visualizing the line correctly.

Aim correctly and let your body feel that you are aiming towards the target. If you really want to improve your golf, you need to be able to aim each shot correctly. If you do not try to improve your aim, you will not be able to find rhythm, power and accuracy. When you do manage to aim a shot right, you will produce good rhythm and generate much more power than ever before.

Go to the range and pick new targets every five shots or so, visualize the line until you can see it from your address position. If you face problems, try turning your head bit by bit while staying in the address position. Perhaps you need to adjust your eyes to see the line correctly. You might feel somewhat awkward while doing it initially, but results are bound to show if you practice this regularly.