To improve the overall physical and mental rewards an be achieved through Aikido. Many people dislike unnecessary fights and quarrels but in certain situations confrontation is simply unavoidable. Hence, Aikido teaches its students not only to avoid confrontation, but also teaches them various techniques to properly defend themselves if the situations becomes unavoidable. The techniques taught in Aikido offers individuals an opportunity to learn controlled physical techniques to protect them while in danger. Aikido is a form of martial arts which ensure overall safety of an individual while reducing the extent of damage inflicted upon their adversaries. Over the years, Martial arts has gained lot of popularity throughout the world. Many people learn these techniques for reasons other than physical confrontations.

Some of the common reasons why people opt for various martial arts are exercise, relief of excess stress and energy. The most popular form of martial arts practiced by Americans are Karate and Judo. For offensive or aggressive striking motions are the main focus of these discipline. But, among all the martial arts prevalent Tai Chi is one of the more meditative form. The disciple taught in this focuses on form, concentration, and mental balance. People who learn Tai Chi practice have a comparatively slow striking techniques that too without ever facing an opponent.

But, Aikido can be placed somewhere between the high aggression of Karate and the spiritual meditation involved in Tai Chi. Therefore, out of all forms of martial arts existing Tai Chi is considered to be the most gentle and light form of martial arts. Usually, the schools that offers Aikido teaching doesn't put much emphasis on the offensive tactics so, many advanced students imply offensive force against any form of adversary situations, often throwing opponents to the ground without much efforts. So, it doesn't matter whether you're an aggressive person or a passive personality, Aikido offers proper balances between mental and physical challenge, which is one of the added attraction in this discipline.