The world of racing has its pros and cons. It has seen the tracks of ups and downs. It has witnessed lives and deaths. It has seen everything! It has gone through the ebbs and flows in all types of areas. As of now the two main championships in the world are NASCAR and Formula One. But recently it has been in news that a lot of changes are made to their standard car specifications. A lot of people are finding the changes horrific as far as the appearance is concerned. As a teenager, and all this while I always considered the whole concept of racing cars as the most dynamic cars.

The whole thing that comes to my mind while thinking about racing cars is that they are fast, they are sleek! Of course, if you are a true racing car fan, then you will never be able to forget the Dodge Chargers of the 70s in NASCAR or the immensely famous and popular sleek Lotus six wheeler of F1? The designs were almost always pushing the extreme boundaries as well as the barriers of the rules in the sport and, it sometimes seemed, space as well. But don't you think that as far as the last few years are concerned, the visibility of beautiful car in both NASCAR and F1 have declined by a huge margin Why? Well, the governing bodies for both sports argue that they have a great concern as fas as the safety and cost effectiveness is concerned. This is probably true, but there is no disputing the cars are simply ugly as compared to original grandeur shown by them in the past. In NASCAR, let us have a look at Car of Tomorrow. It seems that the cars was designed by someone who has a thorough knowledge about slot cars and likes slot cars a lot.

But here is the actual visual of this car: Stunted air damn in the front, extremely obese in width and is geared up with a cheesy wing in the back. Would you find that attractive? I would not... and the fact is  that few find the car attractive and it really takes away from the sport. No more sleek, no more attractive, no more fast, no more furious. In some ways, we can forgive NASCAR because it is concentrating on the cost factor... But what about Formula One? Where is all the technology, for which F1 was famous, gone? It is true that Formula One is also trying to cut costs. The new cars are not out yet, but as far as the photos are concerned, it seems that a car that is pug ugly and that it is an insult to pugs.