The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program is designed to help body-builders eliminate the fat from their body and diet, in order to develop lean muscles. Developed by Tom Venuto, the program has been very successful.

The program does not focus only on the nitty-gritties of bodybuilding. The approach that is taken will teach you how to get the results that you want no matter what they are. You can either lose weight with the program or use it to gain weight and muscle mass.

The e-book is refreshingly devoid of ego. In contrast to widely available e-books, which have only more nutrition plans, supplements and fitness routines to offer, this program focuses on attaining a realistic goal. In addition, the author Tom makes no false claims of knowing everything about bodybuilding or says that he is the founder of certain fat loss secrets. He genuinely is trying to help you through his book

There are four components to the program that are extensively covered.

  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition
  • Cardio, and
  • Weight training and its importance

The first chapter of the book equips you with a positive way of motivating yourself, towards your fat loss goals. The chapter lays focus on potential goal setting formulas. These formulas are not only meant to help you achieve your goals, they allow you to succeed by enabling you to re-program your brain.

The problem is that many people have while following a bodybuilding program, is that they do not set proper goals in the beginning. Many people jump right into bodybuilding techniques, without setting goals. Such an approach promises no lasting impact on your body.

The focus of the program is on your nutrition and not dieting. The program will focus on a permanent solution to losing body fat and not simply a starvation approach. When you use starvation to lose weight you usually gain all the weight back once you are off the program. If you focus instead on a healthy approach to diet as this program does, it will enable you to get the results you want,and keep them. The diet advice is real and based on real life experiences.

Besides providing guidance on food habits, he also reveals advanced techniques used by bodybuilders to cut down these extra pounds. However this only comes after you learn the basics and internalize them. The book doesn't go by assumptions and is very extensive.

The basic information is followed by nutritional advice that aims to remove common dietary misconceptions. This information is essential to gain the kind of muscle mass that you are after.

Once you have the basic routine on your tips, the book gives you insight into the advanced techniques of bodybuilding which are used by prominent models and body-builders. These techniques actually involve the manipulation of carbohydrate intake.

A word of caution- these techniques need to be carefully used, any abuse can lead to disastrous results. While this method is advocated by advanced bodybuilders, a comprehensive knowledge is essential before trying it on yourself.