Hockey players with great core strength and core stability can only lead a team to victory. Without great players not only will you be able to perform well but also would be at a higher risk of injury. To maintain full body control over the field requires stable and strong body. Increasing core strength of hockey players will not only increase your movements but also deliver hit effectively. For improving core strength and stability training, you don't have to visit a swanky gym or use complicated equipments. Performing front plank and side plank abdominal exercises are sufficient to build core stability in players. For developing overall core strength, reverse crunch is one of the best exercises. Let us see, how you can perform these abdominal exercises in proper manner:

The Front Plank

To perform this exercise, first lye down on your stomach with your palm flat on the ground. Now, lift your body up parallel to the ground in perfect straight line. While doing this exercise make sure your legs are straight and abdominals tight. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and continue this exercises for two minutes.

The Side Plank

To begin this exercise lye on your side with your elbow underneath your body and forearm flat. Now, bend your legs at 90 degrees with the front of your thighs in direct alignment with your stomach. Lift your body in a straight line from shoulder to knee. Remain in this position for at least 15 seconds and then repeat it from the other side. Gradually, increase your holding to 1 minutes on each sides.

The Reverse Crunch

Keep your knees bent, feet together, heels close to the butt and arms while lying on your back. Hold on the object that is fixed on the ground and squeeze your lower abdominals. Slowly lower the back at the original position. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times and gradually increase them to 20 repetition without holding any anchor.

These exercises would not only help players increase their core strength but are also highly effective when done consistently and correctly.