When you are considering mountain biking, there are several issues related to it that needs to be dealt with. Beyond choosing the type of bike, wheels and tyres, mountain bikers have to put some serious thoughts into clothing and type of helmets to purchase.

A right helmet means the difference between life and death of a biker as it can prevent him from serious injuries during the trip.

Studies have clearly shown that bikers who don't wear or not have proper helmets are more prone to get severe head injuries in mountain biking accident. If you want to lower the chances of injury, select correct helmet and do not compromise with the quality factor. Make sure that the big biking budget you are making must have an ideal space for buying protective headgear. Here are some factors that should be considered while buying a helmet:

• Ask the shop owner about the ideal material from which a helmet should be made.

• Check the helmet for the durability factor.

• Do make sure that helmet meet the laid national and state protective standards.

• Along with durable exteriors, the helmet must have a soft and comfortable lining.

• Also pay attention to quality workmanship.

How to adjust the mountain bike helmet?

After buying a good quality helmet, you should also have an idea of how to wear it properly. Ask the shop owner from whom you are purchasing the helmet about its correct fit. How much should it slight on the head and rest above the eyebrows. A loose helmet is of no use, so the helmet must have a good quality strap, then should be snug but not that tight.

Move your head back and forth to see if the helmet fits properly. If it is too loose or tight and you are not comfortable, try another helmet or do some adjustments in it.