Kickboxing is no more limited to street but has grown as a full-fledged international game. The game is renowned for its unique appeal and rules that govern it. The field of kick boxing has never been limited or restricted to experiments. The game has been designed in such a manner to extend human faculties to the maximum and pose a challenge to the mind. The players in the sport are required to posses knowledge about martial arts kicks from the orient and the boxing style punches from the occident. Although, the boxing style used in kick boxing is quite similar to the standard boxing techniques. Just like other sports, even kickboxing includes special kick boxing equipment and gear that every player must have before they start learning the game.

At times, people learn kick boxing for fitness purposes. The sport is also termed as full contact sport. Some of the equipments used in sport are special trousers, a mouth guard, hand wraps, boxing gloves, a groin guard, shin pads and special kick boots. For women kick boxers tank top is one of the must have gear. Don’t get kickboxing equipments confused with Thai boxing. These gears have been specifically designed to protect the player’s body parts that are exposed to the opponent in combat.

For easy body movements to perform free style kicks the specially designed trousers are perfect. Make sure to buy best fabric and fitted trousers for kickboxing. Another important gear is the mouth guard, which protects the boxer against injury on jaw and mouth region.

Hand wraps are essential to allow free western style boxing techniques and protect any damage to the knuckles, while boxing. 10 oz gloves shield the combat’s fists and wrists. Shin guards eliminate the risk of getting hurt in the groin. Kick boxers can easily buy all these equipments from any of the leading sports stores or through online.