A hard edge approach towards the game can only help hockey players be successful. The players are required to battle and overcome every obstacle every time they are on the ice. Only players are gifted with the ability to raise their competing level. Such players develop a rough-&-tough attitude for the game so that they are not dominated or controlled on the ice. This spirit is termed as grit.

There is a difference between a player who play with a never-say-die attitude and a fool who play only to hit someone. Such fools can’t be termed as gritty players but they hurt the team as a whole. Famous hockey players who were known for their gritty attitude are Ryan Smyth, Martin St. Louis or Paul Kariya to name a few. They battled hard on the ice and did the right things at the right time to make a play. You’ll hardly notice them getting tired or bored.

Such players are an asset for the team and coaches loves to work with them. These hockey players put in more efforts for daily practice sessions and workouts. They ask for feedback about their training and games from their coach. They would never crib about any holidays and hard training sessions. Here are some of the basic training instructions to develop grit:

  •     Try to schedule some form of competition within your training session. Note down your progress to check if you’re on the right track.
  •     Gradually increase the level of your training. You can also be on something with friends to get motivated to work hard.
  •     Don’t get scared of playing hockey at full speed. Never get bother by the facts like the other player is bigger than you or you’re going to loose this game. Always play with a winning attitude and battle hard to make the play a success.
  •     Overcome all your fears related to loosing the game. Try learning some combat games to build confidence and overcome fears.

The desire to improve performance and following the mentioned steps can help you develop grit attitude for your game.