Recent polls reveal that auto racing is one of the popular pastimes for many people. But, today the various terminologies or jargon that is used during these auto racing evens is quite difficult to understand and process. Therefore, to make things easier for you, here’s a list of all the important and most commonly spoken auto racing jargons. So, whether you've heard them but don’t understand or you are just a beginner to auto racing and would like to get involved with the sport then, these commonly spoken words would definitely help you around the racing arena.

Firewall – don’t get it confused with security on a computer. Although, many think that it offer protection to the auto-racing driver. It’s actually a piece of metal that placed between the driver and the engine. Though, it doesn’t provide great benefits to the driver during a crash but many people believe that Firewall works like a charm!

Banking – another popular auto racing jargon, which also means something related to money, and banking. Whereas, in the automobile racing world it refers to the increased slope that a racetrack makes when rounding the corners. Therefore, the term “Banking” holds special place among the people of auto race. As the place where the car is located when it makes the turn is very crucial for them. During, a banking association the inside or outside of the track makes all the difference between triumphs and trounce!

Groove – one of the unusual word in the auto racing jargons. However, the term holds special importance on how the race is run. There are two basic forms of grooves in auto racing:

    * Inside groove – when an auto race driver is on the inside of the track then, it’s referred as inside groove.

    * Outside groove – if an auto race driver is on the outside of the track then, it’s referred as outside groove.

Therefore, whenever an auto race driver says “groove” during a race then, he’s refereeing to the position he's on the track.

Pit Road – it’s one of the most used word within the auto racing industry. The term defines the dirt and gravel road that is used for the Pit Crew. One of the sensible phrases used by auto drivers when they are pulled over to change their tires, add more gasoline to their car, as well as other small odd jobs that might be needed during a race.

Though, there are numerous of jargon in the auto world but these are the best-used phrases. So, start using them today and be part of the big auto world.