During, the major auto racing events like NASCAR so much activities goes on, that many people tend to loose focus of the issues related to safety involved with auto racing. Though, there are 5 points attached with the auto racing cars and other heavy-duty safety belts included. But, still it seems that more safety measures needs to be added. The main reason behind is the fact that most racers can speed well over 200 miles per hour which makes them vulnerable to various health hazards. For instance, what would happen if a driver crashes into the wall of a NASCAR track? In situation like these, the use of Soft Walls becomes very important.

What does the term soft wall mean? As the name suggest, Soft Walls are designed specially for auto racing events so that the auto race drivers to crash right into it. As we, all know that, all auto-racing events involve lot of crashes and accidents therefore, to protect the lives of auto drivers at these racing events soft walls have been designed.

Soft wall are mainly composed of collapsible materials like cello foam, which are easily crumbled when the vehicle smashes into the side of the wall. Many major auto race events have realized the importance of soft walls and have implemented them on their racetracks.

Polyethylene Energy Dissipation System (PEDS) is another material, which is being used as a part of the soft walls. PEDS is a system, which is created to withstand any amount of pressure around the walls of auto racing racetracks. In many European countries Europe another system called, the Impact Protection System is being used as soft walls. This system mainly involves layered PVC materials to enhance the structure of the walls around racetracks. Compression barriers are also one of the options that act as Soft Walls.

Hence, the best way to improve the safety measures and increase the lives of many auto-racing drivers throughout the world, soft walls is the finest option.