One of the popular games to be played around the world is the Table tennis. During its fascinating history the game has underwent lot of changes & evolution. Here’s a list of all the important events that has happened in the world of table tennis.

Late 19th century

During the late 19th century, table tennis took its initial format in elite English homes. Initially, the grass-root version of the game was played by highborn ladies and gentlemen after dinner & wine. They would play for hours inside their dinner rooms with anything handy to act for ball, rackets and the net. Gradually, this post dinner pastime became very popular across the entire region of England.

1901 – Ping-pong becomes official

Hamley, a manufacturer of Regent Street sports was the first person to invent a real racket for the game. This racket had an oval frame and a hard wooden handle. The sound of ping-pong was due to the parchment in the racket. Thus, ping-pong became the unofficial name of the game. J. Jacques and Son Ltd, another English manufacturer was the person responsible to make the name ‘ping-pong’ official.

1903 – The ping and pong disappear

It became important to make the equipment up to perfection once the name was officiated. Therefore, the modern table tennis racket was invented by E. C. Goode. The current wooden bat had a rubber holding on the handle, which gave the player a better grip at the racket and made the game more fun for the player. James Gibb, an English gentleman developed celluloid balls for ping-pong. These balls were of 38 mm and bounced much better especially on a hard surface. It made the game more fun and brought spins and other spectacular results.

1920-1930 – Campaigning and commercializing the game

In 1921, world’s first official body for the game, the Table Tennis Association was formed. In the next five years another organization the International Table Tennis Federation was started. All these organizations increased international competitions for the game. Therefore, in the year 1927, the first international table tennis competition was held in 1927 in London.

1990s – Table tennis as a spectator sport

Over the years, the game underwent lot of improvement and modification. Sponge and rubber was infused on the racket, which gave the game a more professional nuance. The Olympic entry of the game gave rise to palatable viewership. But, it was difficult to make quick movements in its current format. Thus, the diameter of the ball was increased from 38 mm to 40 mm, which allowed the ball move slower and easier. The serving style of the game also experienced lot of changes. To commercialize the game, the scoring of the game was reduced from 21 points per side to 11 points.