The specialty about Formula 1 car race is that, the cars used in these races are very high performance and follow certain standards laid down by the FIA, (Federation Internationale Automobile). For, every team that participate in Formula 1 car race need to follow certain rules laid down by the FIA. The main reasons behind these rules are as follows:

Every team who participate in these events must strictly follow the security measures laid down by FIA. Although, every team constructors re offered certain margin of flexibility to optimize the automobile for performance, but they have to follow certain uniformity in the performance and design of every automobile.

Cars who participate in Formula 1 have a single seat and an open cockpit. To strengthen the auto chassis it is mainly formed from a carbon fiber composite. Another important rule that every Formula 1 car need to follow is that, the combination of automobile and driver cannot exceed 600 kg. Th entire weight also include engine and any fluids added to it, such as fuel and water.

Though, all the vehicles who participate in these races have the same design quality, each has a aerodynamically perfect engine. To accomplish this, team engineers add "wings" or spoilers in front & rear of the car in certain strategic positions.

To improve the overall performance of the vehicle the teams have recently begun adding additional, spoilers of small size to different car areas. Because of the light weight of these cars, they can easily flip if a draft gets under them. While speeding at a high rate. Therefore, the body of each cars has been constructed in such a manner that it sit almost right on the ground.

Even the tires used in the race has to follow rule laid down by FIA. Earlier, slick tire (made of tread) were used by the teams for such events. From the year 1998, grooved tire became mandatory. These tires were designed to limit the speed of the cars while making sharp turns. The tires consisted of four grooves. It is believed that slick tires are going to make a comeback during the 2009 car racing sports season.