Strength Training Exercises for Softball Players

Softball is by far the most popular in the United States, but its popularity is on the rise in Japan, China, and Australia. Consequently, the demand for skilled and competitive players in the sport has never been higher. While softball may have gained in popularity over the recent years, the basic techniques for playing the game remain the same.

Many do not realize that basic softball movements such as batting and throwing are not a directly related to arm strength. The movement begins in the legs. The power is then transferred into the hips, the torso, the upper back, the chest, the shoulders and then the arms.

The ideal softball strength training routine should provide a workout for each muscle group. During the off-season, athletes can be reasonably expected to strength train 2-3 times per week. During the season however, it will suffice to train 1-2 times per week. For best results, each exercise should be performed 8-12 times for 1-3 sets.

Improvements in speed, agility, balance and strength will be seen as the strength training program progresses. This article lists some exercises you could perform to exercise your muscles effectively.

Quadriceps- Squats, One-Legged Squats, Jump Squats

Hams & Glutes- Lunges, Explosive Lunges, Bridge on Ball

Hip Adductors/Abductors- Lying Side Leg Raises, Ball Squeeze

Rectus Abdominis- Ball Crunch, 180 Ball Crunch

Erector Spinae- Plank Pose

Deltoids- Shoulder Press, Military Press

Pectoralis Major- Chest Fly, Chest Press, Push ups

Latissimus Dorsi- Bent Over Row, Reverse Fly

Biceps- Bicep Curl, Hammer Curl

Doing these exercises religiously is bound to make you a stronger softball player. Try to use a full range of motion for each exercise. Generally free weights provide a better ROM than machines, but you can use the one you prefer.