Many of us are still wrestling with the difference between a game of snooker and that of 8-ball billiards. This article aims to clear this confusion between the two.

Anyway, in a nutshell, "billiards" is an all-encompassing term which includes all cue sports. Pocket billiards (pool), carom games (pocketless tables), and snooker are all subcategories under the heading of "billiards". Many people today use the word "billiards" only to describe carom games.

In, billards you only have to shoot at the object balls, 8-ball requires you to sink all of the solids or stripes before you hit the 8 ball in. Snookers, however is completely different. In snooker you have red balls and  color balls, ie , black, orange, pink, and so on. You have to sink a red ball before you can sink in  any other ball. Each ball of a different color is worth a different amount of points, so you keep playing to reach a certain score. For example, you knock in a red ball and then knock in a black ball, you get some points. Next you have to knock in a red ball again. and go after a different color.

Another difference lies in the fact that the game of snooker is played with 15 red balls and six colored balls, while 8 ball is played with 15 balls, half solid and half striped.

Also in some games of 8-ball if you hit the 8-ball in on the break you win the game, this is the fastest  way to win a game of 8-ball. Snooker on the other hand is a game of points, which you earn by pocketing the object balls. Whoever has the most point over several frames, wins the game.
Finally, 8-ball is probably one of the easiest billiard games to play, snooker is not too hard, but a bit harder than 8-ball.