While, swimming pools offer an excellent way to have fun and relax, one needs to adhere to certain safety guidelines to avoid accidents and prevent any drowning incident. Here are a few swimming guidelines you should always keep in mind, particularly if you are a parent.

  • Under no condition, should you allow kids to swim without adult supervision. Be sure to supervise all activities when children are in the pool.

  • Don't swim immediately after a hearty meal.
  • Always keep tables and chairs far away from the pool safety fence, lest children are tempted to enter the water.
  • It is a good idea to keep a telephone in the pool area, so that you can continue to watch the children even when you get a call. Also keep emergency numbers near the poolside phone.
  • Adults have no time to watch kids at large get togethers. At such events, parents should designate someone as the pool watch guard. Adults can rotate this duty.
  • Enroll children above four in a swimming class, appropriate for their age. If this isn't possible, instruct them in basic flotation and life saving techniques.
  • Do not exclude small children from pool safety talks if you want to ensure their long-term safety. Emphasize that you will not stand for pushing and running around the pool. Introduce the buddy rule early on.
  • Do not leave the pool open. And to prevent children from getting to the pool, keep all doors and windows leading to the pool area secure.
  • Install an alarm on doors that lead to the pool area.
  • To ensure that children do not fall inside the pool, keep the cover of the swimming pool completely lifted over the pool. Also, do not let your children or pets walk over the pool cover.
  • Always have a life saving flotation device handy near the pool.
  • Keep rescue equipment by the pool, and make sure all family members know where this equipment is located.
  • Learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to prepare yourself for any pool accident.
  • Do not place electrical appliances near the pool.

These safety guidelines go a long way towards reducing the chances of injuries and risk of drowning incidents. Following them will ensure that you have a peace of mind, knowing that your children are safe.