A triathlon swim requires considerable patience, time, effort and zeal to prepare for it. Since completing the swim poses a tough challenge, so the decision to compete should not be taken lightly.

If you have truly made up your mind to pursue the triathlon, then purchasing triathlon gear is in order. This is the first step towards making the triathlon plunge. This article provides a list of equipment that you will need to participate comfortably in a triathlon swim and tells you how to go about preparing for the event.

The basic triathlon equipment includes swimming goggles, nose clip, cap and a wet-suit/ swim suit. Swimming caps that are provided by organizers of the events, so one does not need to purchase them. The caps of very bright colors are designed so that they are easily visible. Those of varied colors are used to indicate different categories.

It is not recommended that you opt for an ordinary wet-suit that is designed for other water sports, when choosing gear for a triathlon swim. The sleeves of these suits limit arm movements and makes performing swim strokes uncomfortable.

The swimsuits designed for a triathlon are made keeping individual needs in mind. They provide a more flexible and softer rubber around the shoulder area. Besides taking care of the swimmer's comfort they also feature longer zippers along with occasional ankle and wrist zippers for facilitating quick removal during transition.

Once you the entire triathlon gear, the next step that is to learn the skills required for a triathlon. To offer good competition in the sport, you must learn the proper methods and techniques of breathing, body alignment, arm position and kicks. Learning this requires both time and patience. These basic skills pave the way for you to become an expert in triathlon swimming.

In order to become an expert, you can get enrolled in triathlon classes so that your skills are honed. The trainers will guide you towards the right method and technique to compete at triathlon. Generally, trainers discourage logging laps at slow paces as it develops into a poor habit. Speed is always of essence while practicing for the triathlon

Even if you are a fitness freak, you must remember to take ample care of your body and muscles, in order to keep them in good working condition. Maintain your overall body strength and do not overstrain your body, which might increase chances of an injury.