I am not that young now. But during my teenage days, the only knowledge about a crossbow that was known to me was that which was shown in movies like Robin Hood. But with the increase in age, experience and knowledge, I came to know that the thing is entirely different.

With a crossbow, archers find the ability to release a draw force far in excess of what they can handle as far as a  long bow is concerned. Another fact that came to my consideration is that these crossbows can be kept cocked and ready to shoot for some time and the whole process requires very less amount of  effort which allows bowmen to aim better. But t is geared with disadvantages also. Hmmm. It has only one disadvantage, to be more precise. The fact that they are the greater weight and clumsiness compared to a bow, and that is why they are geared up with the slower rate of fire and lower efficiency of the acceleration system. Crossbows are equipped with much smaller draw length than bows. This means that for the same energy sent to the arrow the crossbow needs a lot of draw weight.

The use of crossbows are mostly done in the field of target shooting in modern archery. But the fact is that it also used in the process of hunting game, all around the world, including parts of North America as well. People rely on it great deal.
Let me give you the names of some of the top manufactures in this field. To name a few, they are Barnett Crossbows Excalibur Crossbows and Horton Crossbows. When choosing a crossbow, you must know the fact that there is a huge difference between them. There is a lot of difference as far as the quality is concerned as well. You should consider the purchase of a crossbow and make sure that you invest in the bow in a great way so that it can last for years and years. You should purchase as high a quality of crossbow as your budget will allow. Because you must remember that they are just like an investment.