One of the problem soccer players face is realizing how their coaches assess their talent and potential. It is your performance in the game that becomes a meter to trait your ability. Soccer is a game that needs infinite technical, physical, mental and tactical variety.

Your coach will see how committed you are towards maintaining and regaining the possession of ball during the game. How you cope up with the last minute pressure, when opponents are restricting your space and time to make a goal. Some traits considered by coach are:

Technical Ability of a Player

Ball Control

You should be able to bring a ball played to you instantly and smoothly. Along with this, you should be able to protect the ball and developing a deception that will help in getting rid of the opponent.


You should successfully pass the ball at long and short distances by using skills like heading, chipping and bending.


It is a player's ability to burst past opponents, change his direction and speed as well as break through the packed deensive lines.


You should have the ability to do the goal even after crossing, heading high and deep for defensive clearances.


The skill of scoring a goal always marks an impression of game viewers. Good players always finish with their chest, heel, toe and thigh. Coach always looks for the player who can compose aggressiveness, swift and decision taking will altogether.

In Attack

The player who is not in possession should make himself available for the ball, realize the time to offer close support or stay away as well as find the proper time to execute take overs and overlaps.

The player in possession should have good peripheral and penetrating vision. He should know the correct time to play directly or when to run at top speed and open up passing angles for his team.

Physical Aspects

Physical fitness of player makes him a better soccer player. The player should have following traits:

• Endurance

• Speed

• Agility – Ability to change directions quickly

• Strength

Attitude and Personal Traits

Apart from performance of a player in game and his physical strength, coaches also consider his mental and psychological make-up, self confidence and emotional stability. Some factors considered by coach include:

• Drive

• Aggressiveness

• Determination

• Responsibility

• Leadership

• Self-control

• Self-confidence

• Mental toughness

• Trustfulness

• Coach ability